Ranch Portraits
Frequently Asked Questions

​Q:  What are some typical applications for these photos?
A:  This is, as you might expect, the most common question we receive regarding Ranch Portraits.  The most common motivation for ordering a Ranch Portrait is sentimental in nature.  Memories are made in our homes.  Babies are born, children grow up, and countless occasions are celebrated.  The day will come that things are not as they are today, of this we may be sure.  Your Ranch Portrait photos could very well be of greater interest in ten or twenty years than they 
are today.  These pictures are simply a way that we may call to mind the many wonderful memories that have been made 
in this place we call home.  

Of course, there are other applications that are less sentimental.  Your Insurance company can use these 
pictures in the event of certain property claims.  The pictures may also be valuable in planning gardens, driveways, and outbuildings.  Beyond that, if the property is ever put up for sale, these pictures can be quite helpful in your marketing efforts.  Aerial photos help differentiate a property from the others available on websites like Zillow and Realtor.com.  
And the prints can serve as a thank-you gift for the buyers.

Q:  What does a Ranch Portrait include?
A:  $99 includes two 13x19 high-gloss color prints shipped to your home, as well as all your photos sent to you electronically (via email).  As you choose the two photos you would like printed, be sure to review the photos in your property folder here.  Occasionally, we have additional photos available beside the ones printed on the card you received in the mail.  You are free to choose from among all available photos.  Additional prints are available at $11 each.  
A cd-rom can be shipped for an additional $20.

Q:  A Ranch Portrait includes two prints, but there is only 
one photo available for my house.
A:  We do our best to get at least two photos for each property.  If we only have one photo for your property, we 
will send you two prints of that one photo.  
Pricing remains unchanged.

Q:  I would prefer to have smaller prints, maybe 8x10.  
Is that possible?
A:  If you prefer, we will ship you three 8x10 prints rather than two 13x19 prints.  Please make that clear when you place your order, including the 16-digit filename for each photo to be printed.  Pricing for additional prints remains unchanged ($11 for either 8x10 and 13x19).

Q:  Several of my neighbors' properties were photographed, but not mine.  Why is that?
A:  As we fly along looking for houses to photograph, there is not enough time to shoot every single house.  We shoot the properties that "jump out at us," so to speak.  Upon request, we will provide contact information for a local vendor that can photograph your property.

Q:  The photos are nice, but I would like to see specific views that you did not capture.  Is this possible?
A:  To review any and all photos for your property, click here.  We have no photos that are not visible in your folder.  The only way to capture specific views is to have your property custom shot, which runs between $400 and $800.

​Q:  Can you come back and custom shoot my property?
A:  Unfortunately, this is not a service we currently provide.  
Upon request, we will provide contact information for a local vendor that can photograph your property.  You should expect pricing between $400 and $800.